Cooking OIL

Sunflower Oil

Refined Perfection – 100% Pure – Finest Quality

Organic Crop

We Export Quality Refined Sunflower Cooking Oil because we use Seeds of Organic Sunflower Crop

Sunflower Cooking Oil

Our Refined Sunflower Cooking Oil is Perfect as a Condiment for Fish, Meat and Vegetables.

Health Benefits

The Health Benefits of Refined Sunflower Cooking Oil are Unrivaled, and Research Reveals New Every Day.

Sunflower Oil
Absolute Purity for Health and Taste

Sunflower Cooking Oil is made from Sunflower Seeds that are of the Oil type. Refined Sunflower Cooking Oil has a mild flavor and appearance, and it contains more vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. It consists of a mix of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats with a low saturated fat content. Cooks all over the world understand the versatility of this healthy oil. The light flavour, frying performance, and health benefits of sunflower cooking oil are highly regarded. Our Sunflower Oil is a healthy and high-performance non-transgenic vegetable oil that fits the needs of both consumers and food manufacturers.

Ukraine, Russia, the European Union, and Argentina are the world’s largest sunflower oil producers. Sunflower crops, such as Sunflower Oil, have seen an increase in demand in recent years. To accommodate this need, measures such as the development of hybrid sunflowers to increase sunflower oil production have been implemented.

Sunflower Oil Specification

Sunflower Oil

  • Specific density (AT 20c): 0,918 – 0,920
  • Refractive index (AT 40c): 1.467 – 1.469
  • Transparency of oil, max: 10 fem
  • Acidity mg KOH % gm oil max: 0,1 – 0,6
  • Peroxide value mMol/kg oil max: 0,1 – 0,7
  • Color value iodine, mg max: 4
  • Lodine value (WIJS): 110 – 144
  • Moisture & Volatile % max: 0,06
  • Saponification value, mg KOH/gm oil: 188 – 194
  • Phosphorus containing matter (P2O5): Negative
  • Non-fatty Impurities, % max: Negative
  • Coloring materials, allowed to ad: According to the international standards
  • Artificial flavors, allowed to ad: According to the international standards
  • Anti oxidants: 200mg/kg but galate not more than 100mg/kg
  • Preservative agent: According to the international standards
  • Anti foaming: 10mg/kg
  • Anti crystallization: 1250mg/kg
  • Soap content: 0,005 max
  • Unsoluble impurities % mass: 0,5 max


  • FFA (%) NEN-EN-ISO 660 max 3.0
  • Moisture (%) NEN-EN-ISO 662 max 0.5
  • Impurities (%) NEN-EN-ISO 663
  • Colour Lovibond (5¼ inch) NEN 6308
  • Peroxide Value at loading (meq/kg) NEN-EN-ISO 3960
  • Relative density at 20oC NEN 6311
  • Iodine value (g 12/100g) NEN-EN-ISO 3961
  • Flash point oC – Min 121 oC
  • Microbiological safety
Oil does not contain water. The micro-organismes cannot grow under those circumstances. As long as the packaging stays closed, contamination is not an option.
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