Order procedure illustrated for a commodity trade business is shown in an optimal release and should be completed within 2 weeks. This is necessary because producers and suppliers have to keep price promises and have to keep the corresponding goods in stock.
This process flow is intended to ensure that the terms and conditions for the trade in goods are clear and understandable in advance for all parties involved in the transaction and that they are accepted before written and legally binding commitments are made.
The procedures do not favor either the buyer or the seller, but only serve the successful completion of the transaction.
It is common for intermediaries and agents on both the buyer and seller sides to be involved in these commodity transactions

Order Procedure instructions for successfully completing an export business FOR COMMODITIES PRODUCT
  • We do not participate in speculation or general price inquiries, therefore we only accept documents that are addressed to our company (MEKAR TLI GROUP).
  • Submitted documents must be made out on company paper with address data so that the sender can be clearly identified.
  • In the case of export transactions, all documents must be written or translated in English. Only the English language is legally valid.
  • Submitted documents must be sent to us in PDF format by email (Export@Mekartligroup.com) or our whatsapp number.
  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT VISITS to factories, mills. Our company does not issue BL or SGS from previous operations, we do not violate confidentiality contracts with any of our clients.
  • This procedure applies to export transactions and is not legally binding and can be extended or shortened.

Working Procedures icumsa Origin Brazil

1)Buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) and Bank Comfort Letter(BCL)

2)seller issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO) *Once the price, payment terms & otherconditions have been discussed the Buyer & Seller agree on mutual terms.

3)Seller will send you the Ncnda. Buyer has to send signed FCO.

4)Upon receiving the ICPO Seller issues draft Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA).Buyer reviews the Draft Sales & Purchase Agreement and if any changes need to bedone these will be discussed and agreed by mutual agreement.

5)Buyer signs the Sales & Purchase Agreement and sends to Seller, Seller signs theSales & Purchase Agreement and converts to PDF and sends it back to Buyer.

6)Seller now issues Proforma Invoice to release the Draft Letter of Credit.

7)Buyer provides “PROOF OF FUNDS” through MT799 via Bank to Bank to the Seller

8)Once the MT799 is approved by the Seller’s Bank.

9)Seller Issues 2% “PERFORMANCE BOND” & “PROOF OF PRODUCT” “PASTPERFORMANCE” to the Buyer via Bank to Bank within 5 banking days

10)Upon receipt of the performance bond & proof of product, buyer checks it and ifsatisfied, Buyer sends the operative Letter of Credit to The Seller’s Bank. Proof ofProduct Contains: Certificate of Analysis (Quality & Quantity).

11)Upon receipt of the operative Letter of Credit Seller starts the shipping procedures andloading the goods within 25 to 45 working days.

12)Seller Sends official invitation to Buyer for visiting loading port while loading of thegoods is in process

13)Once the loading is complete Seller sends draft shipping documents to the Buyerfor checking and if the documents are in order, Seller sends all the original shippingdocuments to the Buyer’s bank via DHL for releasing payment via MT103 within 5banking days.

List of Documents

1)Three (3) Originals + Three (3) Copies of Bill of Lading, “Clean On Board” andMarked “Freight Prepaid”.
2)Certificate of Quality and Quantity (Q&Q) Issued by SGS or Other CompatibleAuthority.
3)Certificate of Origin Issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the Country of Origin
4) Signed Commercial Invoices in Three (3) Originals and Two (2) Photocopies, Indicating Contract Number, Description of the Goods, Unit Price and Total Value, Gross/Net Weight and Shipping Terms (CIF), Ocean Bill of Lading Number.
5) Packing List of Shipment Quantity (+/‐5%). Exception shall not be delivered to any outside Parties excepting the Seller’s Invoice; Third Party Documents are Acceptable to Both Parties.
6) Phytosanitary Certificate issued by SGS or Issued and Endorsed by the Local Authorized Government Agency
7) Certificate of Radiation Level Issued or Certified by SGS Declaring the Product Radiation Level as Normal.
8) Certificate of Insurance.
9) Each of the Above Documents Shall Have One (1) Original set and Three (3) Non‐ Negotiable Sets to be sent to the Buyer by First Class Courier Service.

Important Notes
* We do not accept Cash against documents or advance payment as payment terms
*We do not give performance bond in spot deals & 60 days credit deals.
* We accept documentary letter of credit (MT700) or Stand by Letter of Credit (MT760).
* Letter of Credit Should Be Irrevocable, Transferable/Non‐Transferable & Confirmed from Any Top 50 world Banks.
* NCNDA Agreement will Be signed prior to the issue of the Sales & Purchase Agreement.
* Any Fraud Document’s i.e., LOI, ICPO or BCL issued will result in legal action and the company will be reported to the online fraud complaint concern government websites.
* Once the sales & purchase procedure starts and if after taking the sales & purchase agreement or Proforma Invoice from the seller, the buyer is not completing the deal and has no valid reason for the same, such default will result in penalty or said company reported to Interpol, FBI, ICC and Other International Organizations and blacklisted.
* If the seller is unable to complete the deal as per the above working procedures without valid

  • We accept T / T (telegraphic bank transfers), cash in advance.
  • We accept DLC / SBLC, transferable, divisible, irrevocable and confirmed by a TOP 50 bank.
  • We accept LC transferable, irrevocable and confirmed by a TOP 50 bank.
  • The forms of payment will be agreed and confirmed according to each operation, depending on the requirements of PT. MEKAR TLI GROUP or the final selling company.


1. ICC (International Chamber Of Commerce) – 100% protection of loss of money, sugar and time. Works only on rules of International trade ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).

2. 110% Insurance – 110% Complete protection from sugar loss and profit, from the factory to the buyer’s port is included. (100% cost of sugar + 10% of lost revenue). We have a solid 110% refundable insurance policy in which the buyer’s funds will be reimbursed to his account if the supply of the merchandise does not meet international standards or if we do not deliver your order in the agreed time, without consent of the buyer in writing. We will refund your payment or provide you with new quality products that meet your standard if you prefer. Our refund policy has built trust with our customers.

3. 2% PB (Performance Bond) – Receive compensation 2% PB (Perfomance Bond) from cost of placement SBLC, in case of not performance of the contract. Note: Оnly some product for CONTRACTS for 12 months, does not work for SPOT of batch.

4. SGS Certificate (Société Générale de Surveillance) – Seller guarantees that each batch must be supplied with a certificate of verification of Quantity and Quality and Packing at the time of loading, and such certificate must be provided by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS). Each party must have a phytosanitary certificate from the Ministry of Health, which states that the sugar corresponds to the signed contract and is suitable for human consumption.

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